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If you are anything like our insureds you can spend years just finding the car you love. Then add on months of restorations and large amounts of money taking great care of your prized possession and you can quickly see why specialized classic car coverage is a must to protect your investment.

In terms of coverages, most car insurance policies can look fairly similar. The differences begin to come up when you realize these specialized policies are aimed at the protection of older, often more valuable automobiles that are maintained and driven as a hobby, not everyday transport. Many insurance shoppers think that since the car is not driven daily that insuring their collector car should be less expensive than a regular auto policy. This is often not the case since an average auto insurance policy may not provide the protection needed to repair or replace a costly antique or classic car.

This type of insurance policy offers the protection you require, if a claim arises and repairs are needed parts can be a rarity, expensive or all of the above. Many times classic auto insurance also offers a “lay up” or rate reduction during the winter months while a vehicle is in storage or a garaged. Our agency has multiple options when seeking out this type of policy; give one of our offices a call.

“After our home was heavily damaged by a tornado, the Cupp family was immediately on the scene assisting us in the clean-up and recovery process. The service we received throughout the claims process from Cupp Insurance and the insurance company they placed us with was above and beyond what we ever could have expected!”

Mike R

Woodward, IA

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